What is Reflexology? 

A non-invasive, deeply relaxing and revitalising therapy which massages precise pressure points on the feet and/or hands. 

The principle of reflexology is that the feet and hands are a ‘map of the body’. Each part of your body is connected by energy pathways. Precise pressure point massage stimulates your own body to heal itself.

It is a gentle and safe therapy and can benefit all ages, from the very young to those in their 90’s. Regular sessions can maintain optimum health, as well as helping to manage stress and illness. Reflexology acts comfortably alongside medical care and should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice. 

I am trained in 'maternity' reflexology which can assist with fertility and ease discomfort during pregnancy.  Clients find that reflexology helps them relax at every step of their journey into parenthood, however stressful it can be.

My Aim 

  • Reflexology aims to enhance the flow of your energy, helping you to release and let go of tension and stress

  • Encouraging your body and mind to restore to balance and good health
  • I create a relaxing supportive space where you will be treated with respect and care 

How can Reflexology help you? 

  • Deep muscle relaxation and the relief of tension and stress

  • Helps relieves symptoms of PMT and menopause

  • Management of pain, in particular backache, stiff neck and frozen shoulder

  • Pre and post-op recovery

  • Care of the terminally ill

  • Soothes and releases your anxiety and stress leaving you feeling a deep sense of calm and peace 

What to expect 

A brief consultation will be taken on the first visit visit and treatments are tailored to suit your unique requirements. 

During your treatment you may experience a tingling sensation as the tension flows from your body and you will feel increasingly relaxed. 

Afterwards, a wonderful sense of calm and clarity is felt. Feelings of vitality and wellbeing are usually experienced. 

If you can avoid stimulants immediately before treatment and for 24 hours afterwards you will continue to benefit fully from the powerful treatment.

Please remember to drink plenty of water after treatments for 24 hours to encourage the elimination of toxins from your body. 

What evidence is there to validate Reflexology?

Several studies suggest that there is either less pain felt or a greater coping mechanism after reflexology.

There is also an increasing amount of evidence that supports the benefits of reflexology.  Please see my links page.